Are you ordering a skip bin? Or you are planning to order one in the next few weeks or months? Regardless of whatever your situation might be, in this article, we are going to exhaust the 6 big mistakes that people make whenever they are hiring a skip bin.

As you read this article, the process of getting rid of garbage has not been easy and for you to be on the safer side of the law; you only need to get a skip bin. Well, this may tend to appear to be straightforward but there are some other things that you need to have in mind before hiring a skip.

What are some of these things that you need to watch out for? And what about the 6 big mistakes that you do not have to be a victim of? Read on to find all that you need to know. Hope you will enjoy reading this article.

With much said, let us dive in!


Here are some of the big mistakes that you need to watch out for when hiring a skip bin. These mistakes are not limited to:

Now that you know about these mistakes, you also need to understand them in detail. For that case, we are going to discuss all the above-listed mistakes in detail.

#1: Leaving waste spillover from the skip

Do you know that this is one of the biggest mistakes and the most common of all that skip bin owners tend to run into? Many skip bin owners usually dispose of so much waste into the skip bin that leads to an overflow of garbage. What exactly causes this mistake? Well, this will usually happen when one disposes of the rubbish without keeping a record of the volume of the skip bin.

Again, you need to bear in mind that when this happens, the skip bin company will be subjected to fines and as a human, there are always some rules that you need to stick to. The worst part of it will be when the skip bin company rejects your overfilled skips since they do mention some restrictions and limitations at the start of the contract.

To avoid all these, you only need to keep on remembering and monitoring the fill levels that are provided on the skip bins.

#2: Dumping wrong items into the skip

Again, this is also a major mistake that a good number of skip bin owners usually do. They usually stash the wrong items or garbage into the skips. Possibly, your question might be about what these items are, right? Since you know that the only prevention method here is to avoid throwing these wrong items, you only need to avoid it.

What you need to do is to ask your potential skip hire company to mail you all the items or materials that are not wanted into the skip. You can also do it the other way, by providing them a list of the most likely garbage that you are going to dispose of so that they give you the correct container for each.

If you cannot do any of the above suggested, at least you need to know some of the common materials that should not be disposed of in a skip bin. Some of these materials are not limited to:

#3: Not reusing waste

If you go for the skip bin option, you will soon forget that there are some of the wastes that you can recycle or use to do other important things. You need to have in mind that if you take your time and decidedly filter all these wastes and choose what you can recycle, you will hugely save on the space of your skip bin!

Again, if you choose to recycle some waste or use them to do other things, it will be of great value to you and to the environment. This will work efficiently if you love nature. Some of the things that can be reused may include things like green waste which is composed of leaves, branches, and other foliage. All these should be sent to the recycling depot.

#4: Ignoring the waste restriction

Do you know that every skip has a specific weight restriction? All this is arranged before accepting to hire a skip bin and you need to look into this information with a lot of keenness. If you choose to ignore the waste restriction, you will have to undergo extra charges that will make you dig deeper into your pockets.

In any case, if you are planning to dispose of rubbish that appears to be much heavier; it is advisable that you need to recheck the weight restrictions before proceeding.

#5: Carelessly throwing waste in your skip

With the presence of a skip bin, many people will begin disposing of materials in a random manner that leads to less rubbish being contained in the skip bin. To work on this, you only need to pack and organize your skip bin precisely. You can start by disposing of flat materials and then proceeding to heavier items such as household wastes. You can then complete by placing lightweight materials, green wastes and documents at the top.

#6: Choosing a wrong skip size

Do you know that might seem simple, yet it is one of the most common big mistakes that are created by skip bin owners? If you opt for a larger container, you need to keep in mind that so much space will go unused, and a smaller skip bin will not sufficiently cater to your wastes. All you can do to avoid this is to correctly estimate the wastes that do come from your home. You can do this by gathering waste in a single place for some time.

Wrapping Up

All the above listed are some of the big common mistakes that are created by people when they choose to hire and even use a skip bin. All you need to do is to avoid these mistakes by following the suggestions and all will be good! Good luck!