Where does the rubbish from your skip bin go? If you are reading this article, you must be wondering where your wastes go or how skip bins aid in disposing of wastes, right? Well, if that is the case, then you are at the right place for your questions to get answered!

For instance, after cleaning your home wholly on the weekend or even building a new home and cleaning the construction wastes, you will be very tired and never think about what happens next to the wastes after you dump them into the skip bin. You will be expecting the skip bin to be cleared and the wastes taken away from your home, isn’t that so?

So today, something merely strikes your mind, and you want to find out where these wastes are transported after leaving your house, right? Here’s all you need to know!


As you read this article, the process of disposing of wastes has extraordinarily changed from what used to happen decades back. Back then, wastes could be collected from your bin and disposed of in a smelling, bug – magnet hole deep into the ground.

Currently, environmentally fit wastes are examined and removed from the wastes. You need to know that currently, the process of disposing of wastes from your skip bin is a business that is carried earnestly. Apart from disposing of wastes efficiently and legally, the friendliness of the wastes are also considered.

From today, you need to know that not all the wastes from your skip bin are brought to a landfill. All-important products that are not waste are always recycled or even reused. Your skip bin hire company is completely responsible for ensuring that all their waste disposal system is environmentally fit with clean and green waste extraction.


Do you know that regardless of the size of your skip bin, all the collected wastes from the bins are sent to a sorting warehouse? In the said warehouse, materials that can be recovered are separated and placed aside from other rubbish. The sorting warehouse ensures that all materials that can be reused are brought back for the process or reused by society.

Some of the materials that are always recycled are not limited to the following: papers, plastics, glasses, and even metals. Once the sorting is completed, all these materials are transported to other facilities for processing them into new materials that can be utilized such as plastics, glasses, and even cardboard boxes. If by any chance, you visit a sorting warehouse, you will be astonished if not, shocked by the large numbers of materials that are brought to be recycled.

The act of taking the wastes to a sorting warehouse is to ensure that very little waste is later taken into a landfill. Again, all green waste is also filtered out from the recyclables and then later disposed of or even recycled. If you place a waste that cannot be recycled or reused, it is then destined to the landfill.


What are some of the things or practices you can do when handling your waste so that it makes their disposal easier?

Since you are not restricted on what kind of waste you should throw into your skip bin, there are some other things you can do such as separating your green waste from those that can be recovered whenever you dump them into the bin. It is almost automatic when throwing things without any consideration into the skip bin but when you choose to assist in easing the disposal process.

Here’s how you need to group your waste:

If you decide to sort your waste materials in the above manner, you would have eased the processing of sorting the materials at the sorting warehouse.


Now that you have known that these wastes are taken to a sorting warehouse, there are some things you do not need to put into the skip bins so that you can guarantee safety for the staff and for the environment. These materials are not limited to:

If you insist on throwing the above-listed materials, you could be subjected to a penalty. You need to be kind and human enough so that you do not put the staff at the sorting warehouse in danger or even the environment. You should also know that other worse things that may come your way are not only a fine but also your waste might be rejected.


What can I throw in my skip bin? If you have asked yourself such a question, then you need to stick between the lines for a detailed answer! Well, there are areas where skip bins are greatly preferred! Some of these areas are construction sites, home renovations, standard spring clean and even yard work.

Whenever you are building a house, renovating, or on any construction site, you should opt to skip bins. If you do so, there are many things that you can legally throw in there. These are things like:

Some other things that you can choose to throw in a skip bin are:


It is advisable to group your wastes into the above-discussed groups so that you can quicken the sorting of wastes in the sorting centers. Again, you should also avoid filling your skip bin with harmful wastes such as the above listed that will put the life of the staff at the sorting centers at risk and to the environment. Take good care of your planet!