FAQs About Recycling Radiators

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Radiators are essential items commonly used in a wide range of vehicles including cars and trucks. They can also be found being used in home heating systems. However, did you know that radiators can be recycled for cash? That’s right, you can scrap your old radiators for cash with Action Metal Recyclers! The Action Metal … Read more

The Best Metals To Recycle For Cash

Best Metals For Recycling | Action Metal Recyclers

The best choice to make for your unwanted metal items is to recycle them with Action Metal Recyclers. Not only is this the best choice for the environment, but it can also earn you a good amount of cash as well! Action Metal Recyclers is one of the leading scrap metal recycling service providers in … Read more

Types Of Copper You Can Scrap With Us

Scrap Copper For Cash | Types Of Copper You Can Scrap With Us

When it comes to scrap metal recycling, copper is one of the most valuable metals. This is because copper has an infinite recyclable life and is able to be reused in a variety of common items, such as computers, construction and industrial machinery. In this latest blog article, the Action Metal Recyclers team will be … Read more

Common Stainless Steel Items To Recycle

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Did you know that stainless steel is 100% recyclable? This is the reason why stainless steel is a very commonly recycled metal. It is also a valuable metal to recycle as it contains raw materials that are desirable in the metal recycling industry, including nickel and chromium. In this blog, the Action Metal Recyclers team … Read more

Benefits of a Scrap Metal Clean Up

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Are you cleaning out your warehouse, factory or farm? Action Metal Recyclers is here to help! We offer professional scrap metal clean up services to help you remove large amounts of unwanted scrap metal. There is no better way to recycle your unwanted scrap metal! Let’s take a look at just a few of the … Read more

Types of Brass You Can Recycle With Us

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Action Metal Recyclers are your local brass scrap metal recycling experts. With sites all across Queensland, there is no better choice for your brass scrap metal recycling needs. We accept many different kinds of brass items, whether it be coast brass, brass mixed, gun metal or brass turnings. In this blog article, the Action Metal … Read more

How To Recycle Scrap Metal

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Choosing to recycle your unwanted scrap metal items is the best decision you can make. This helps the environment by using metal and also earns you cash on the spot for your unwanted items. So how can you recycle scrap metal with Action Metal Recyclers? In this latest blog article on our site, the scrap … Read more

Why You Should Hire A Scrap Metal Bin

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Hiring a scrap metal skip bin is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to recycle large amounts of scrap metal. At Action Metal Recyclers, we offer a professional scrap metal skip bin hire service with a range of different shapes and sizes to choose from. This enables you to easily remove unwanted scrap … Read more

The Benefits of Scrapping Your Car

The Benefits of Scrapping Your Car | Car Scrapping | Action Metal Recyclers

Did you know that you can scrap your car, van, truck or bus? At Action Metal Recyclers, we accept cars in any condition, whether they start or not! We are one of the leading scrap metal service providers in Queensland, providing unrivaled customer support and scrap metal recycling services. Would you like to find out … Read more

5 Common Items You Can Recycle With Us

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Action Metal Recyclers is the leading scrap metal recycling service provider in Queensland. We buy all kinds of metal, including copper, aluminium, stainless steel, lead, steel, radiators, catalytic converters and brass. With our competitive prices and friendly and experienced staff, we provide the best scrap metal recycling service available. Many of our customers don’t know … Read more