Brass Recycling with Action Metal Recyclers

At Action Metal Recyclers, we are committed to offering you the best experience in brass recycling. With over 50 years of expertise in the scrap metal and waste industry, we are your trusted partner in turning your brass scrap into a valuable resource. In this blog, we delve into the various types of brass you can scrap with us and how we make the process easy, environmentally friendly, and financially rewarding for you.

Types of Brass You Can Scrap with Us

We accept a wide variety of brass types, each catering to different products and components. Here are the types you can bring to us:

  • Brass Mixed (Plumbers Brass or Honey Brass): This includes mixed yellow brass solids such as brass castings, rolled brass, rod brass, and tubing. It should be free of manganese-bronze, aluminium bronze, unsweated radiators, or radiator parts, iron, and excessively dirty and corroded materials.
  • Coast Brass: Predominantly mixed brass and other red brasses with steel or foreign attachments, generally including water meters and taps with zinc handles intact.
  • Gun Metal: Characterised by a higher copper content, giving it a deeper colour, and includes red brass scrap, valves, machinery bearings, and other machinery parts.
  • Brass Turnings: These are shavings that come from any type of brass that is machined or turned.

Feel free to drop into one of our sites with a sample to obtain an accurate quote from our expert scrap buyers.

Making Scrap Metal Recycling Easy

We pride ourselves on making the recycling process as straightforward as possible. Our friendly and approachable staff are always ready to assist you at our multiple sites across Queensland. We offer various payment methods, including cash, cheque, and EFT, to suit your convenience.

Environmentally Friendly Recycling

Recycling brass is not just good for your wallet; it is excellent for the environment. It helps in preserving resources, reducing emissions, and managing energy consumption effectively. By choosing to recycle with us, you are playing a part in fostering a sustainable future.

Fair Prices for Your Brass Scrap

We are known for offering the most competitive prices in the market. The value of your brass scrap is determined based on its grading, which considers the level of impurities such as plastic coating, steel cords, lead, or other attachments used during the product’s manufacturing. Rest assured, we aim to provide you with the best value for your brass scrap, considering the current rates on the International Metal Exchange.

Scrap Brass With Us Today

At Action Metal Recyclers, we are here to facilitate a seamless brass recycling process for you. With our fair pricing policy and a deep commitment to environmental conservation, we stand as a leader in the industry. Visit us today to experience the ease of recycling and to play your part in promoting a greener future.

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