Cash For Cars: Recycling Vehicles With Action Metal Recyclers

Looking to get rid of an old car cluttering your driveway? Action Metal Recyclers offers a Cash For Cars service that not only fills your pocket but also serves the environment. Located across Queensland, our facilities provide a straightforward and rewarding way to recycle your unwanted vehicles. Whether your car is battered and broken or just no longer needed, we offer a responsible disposal service that ensures you leave with cash in hand.

In this latest blog update, the Action Metal Recyclers team will be exploring how you can scrap your car for cash with our scrap metal recycling team.

How It Works

Turning your car into cash is as simple as 1, 2, 3 with Action Metal Recyclers. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Get a Quote

Give us a call and describe your vehicle. Whether it’s a rusty relic or a roadworthy but redundant ride, we’ll offer you a competitive quote.

  1. Deliver Your Car

Drive your vehicle to any of our convenient locations across Queensland. Don’t worry if it’s not running; we accept vehicles in any condition.

  1. Get Paid Cash: Show us your valid driver’s licence, and we’ll pay you cash on the spot. It’s that simple!

Types of Vehicles Accepted

No matter the condition of your vehicle, there’s a place for it at Action Metal Recyclers. We accept:

  • Damaged vehicles: From minor little damages to major accidents.
  • Worn out/unsafe vehicles: Including those no longer fit for the road.
  • Car bodies: Even if your car is stripped down to just the shell, we’re interested.
  • Fully complete vehicles: Get cash for cars that are still in one piece, whether they’re operational or not.
  • Trucks, vans, utes: We accept a range of vehicle sizes and types, ensuring you can dispose of virtually any vehicle.

Why Choose Action Metal Recyclers?

Choosing Action Metal Recyclers means you’re opting for a recycling service that values your time and appreciates the worth of your vehicle. Here are a few reasons why you should consider us:

Competitive Prices

We offer top dollar for your car regardless of its condition.

Friendly Staff

Our scrap metal recycling team is approachable and ready to assist with any questions you might have.


With over 50 years in the scrap metal and waste industry, our expertise ensures a smooth transaction.

Multiple Locations

Accessibility is key, and with a range of scrap metal recycling sites across Queensland, you’re never too far from one of our recycling centres.

Scrap Cars For Cash With Action Metal Recyclers

Do you have an old vehicle you would like to scrap for cash with Action Metal Recyclers? Visit our website to find out more information and to get started.

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