FAQs About Brass Recycling

Brass is a common metal for recycling, and at Action Metal Recyclers we will pay you in cash for your brass items. We buy a range of different types of brass and offer a few different options for you to choose from for your recycling needs.

In this latest blog update from the team at Action Metal Recyclers, we will be answering some frequently asked questions about brass recycling and sharing some information on how you can scrap brass for cash with us.

What is Brass and Where Can You Find It?

Brass is an alloy primarily made of copper and zinc, known for its gold-like appearance and durability. It is commonly found in household items like bathroom and kitchen taps, door knobs, locks, musical instruments, and various decorative objects.

Why is Brass Recycling Important?

Recycling brass plays a significant role in conserving natural resources. By recycling, we reduce the need to extract new raw materials, saving energy and minimising environmental impact. Recycling brass can also earn you some quick cash. At Action Metal Recyclers, we will pay you for your unwanted brass scrap.

How is Brass Valued for Recycling?

The value of scrap brass depends on several factors, including the current market prices of copper and zinc, and the grade of the brass. Prices can fluctuate. If you would like to find out the value of your brass, get in touch with the Action Metal Recyclers team for a quote.

What Determines the Grade of Brass?

The grading of brass is influenced by its level of impurities. These impurities can include plastic coatings, steel cords, lead, or other materials used in manufacturing. The lesser the impurities, the cleaner the brass, resulting in a higher value.

How Can You Prepare Brass for Recycling?

To prepare brass for recycling, it’s essential to remove any attachments or non-brass components. This helps in achieving a cleaner, higher-grade brass that is more valuable.

What Types of Brass are Recyclable?

At Action Metal Recyclers, various types of brass are accepted for recycling. These include mixed yellow brass solids, coast brass (with a maximum of 10% attachments), gun metal (high copper content brass), and brass turnings from machined brass.

Recycle Brass With Action Metal Recyclers

Recycling brass not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also offers an opportunity to earn cash from scrap materials. For accurate and competitive pricing, and expert advice, visit Action Metal Recyclers, your reliable partner in scrap metal recycling. We offer competitive prices for your brass and help to ensure your brass metal recycling process is as easy and straightforward as possible. Do you have brass you would like to scrap for cash? Contact us today at (07) 3379 3444 or visit our website.

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