4 Items You Can Scrap For Cash

Did you know that some of the unwanted junk you have lying around could be scrapped for cash? That’s right, many common items that are just taking space in garages across the country could be scrapped for fast cash with the experts at Action Metal Recyclers! These items include steel kitchen appliances, copper wiring, lead batteries and even car bodies and rims. At Action Metal Recyclers we buy many kinds of scrap metal, including copper, steel, aluminium, radiators, stainless steel, lead, brass and even catalytic converters. In this blog the Action Metal Recyclers team is sharing 4 items you can scrap for fast cash with us today.

Steel Household Appliance

Have you recently upgraded your kitchen equipment? Many household appliances find themselves discarded after they can no longer be used. However, appliances like stoves, fridges, freezers and dishwashers can be recycled for cash at Action Metal Recyclers! Have other steel scrap metal like structural steel or roofing iron and sheet? We buy this steel scrap too! Find out more on the Action Metal Recyclers website here.

Copper Wiring

Did you know that copper is among the most valuable metals for scrap metal recycling? You can recycle your unwanted copper wiring with Action Metal Recyclers! We also buy electric motors and fridge compressions due to their copper content. The friendly team at Action Metal Recyclers always pay fair and competitive prices for your copper scrap metal. Learn more about copper scrap metal recycling on our website here.

Lead Batteries

Lead batteries are a commonly discarded item but did you know that you can recycle them? Not only is this the more sustainable option, but it can also earn you quick cash. Action Metal Recyclers buys automotive and marine lead batteries. With over 50 years of experience in scrap metal and waste, the Action Metal Recyclers team is the best choice for your lead scrap metal recycling needs. Click here if you would like to request a free quote for your lead battery.

Car Bodies & Rims

Recycling car bodies and rims is a great way to earn extra cash on your unwanted scrap metal. At Action Metal Recyclers we purchase vehicles in any condition, including cars, vans, bikes, engines, radiators, batteries, catalytic converters and rims. Find out more about how you can recycle your unwanted vehicles with Action Metal Recyclers on our website here.

Recycle Your Scrap Metal With Action Metal Recyclers

Do you have any of these common items you could recycle? If so, there is only one team you can trust. When it comes to recycling scrap metal, Action Metal Recyclers can’t be beaten. We offer the fairest, most competitive prices for scrap metal across our scrap metal recycling services. Get in touch with our team today for a free quote on the worth of your scrap metal. Click here to contact the Action Metal Recyclers team through our website. We are here to provide the perfect solution to your scrap metal recycling needs.

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