Aluminium Scrap Metal Recycling With Action Metal Recyclers

Aluminium is one of the most widely used metals in products all around the world. Aluminium can be found in most worksites, businesses and household objects. This common usage of aluminium leads to it being one of the best candidates for scrap metal recycling. In fact, over two-thirds of the aluminium that has ever been produced is actually still in use today! It is most likely that you have aluminium scrap metal in your office, worksite or home that you could scrap for cash with Action Metal Recyclers. How much is your aluminium scrap metal worth? What kind of items can you recycle? Where can you recycle your aluminum scrap metal? We are answering these questions and more in our latest article!

How Much Is Your Aluminium Scrap Metal Worth?

The total worth of your aluminium will always depend on the grade of the scrap aluminium and its current price on the International Metal Exchange at that time. You can visit our website for a free quote or drop in to one of our sites so we can take a sample and provide you with an accurate quote. Click here to get started.

What Kind of Aluminium Items Can You Scrap?

As aluminium is so common among office, worksite and household items, there are many different types of items you can recycle for aluminum scrap metal. Here are some common aluminium items that you can recycle with Action Metal Recyclers.

  • Aluminium cans
  • Aluminium wheel rims
  • Aluminium extrusion
  • Pure aluminium wire
  • Aluminium sheet
  • Engines & gearboxes

Do you have one of these types of items? Recycle your scrap metal for fast cash with Action Metal Recyclers! Click here to get started with a free quote.

Why You Should Recycle Your Aluminium Scrap Metal

There are many reasons why you should consider recycling your aluminium scrap metal. Firstly, your scrap aluminium can be valuable. Scrapping it will earn you quick cash for something that is often just taking up space on your commercial or residential property. Recycling aluminium scrap metal is also a very environmentally friendly decision, helping you to offset your carbon footprint by reducing emissions, preserving resources and promoting energy conservation.

Where Can You Recycle Your Aluminium Scrap Metal?

When it comes to aluminium scrap metal recycling, Action Metal Recyclers is here to help! We have locations all across the state of Queensland that are ready to pay you competitive and fair prices for the work of your aluminium scrap metal. Here is a list of our Queensland locations:

  • Banyo
  • Coopers Plains
  • Gladstone
  • Gold Coast
  • Kingston
  • Oxley
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Toowoomba
  • Townsville
  • Warwick

Click here to see a full list of our Queensland locations and how you can get in contact with our sites.

Choose Action Metal Recyclers Today!

With over 50 years of experience in scrap metal recycling, Action Metal Recyclers have become the number one choice for scrap metal recycling in Queensland. For fair prices, flexible payment options and friendly staff, choose Action Metal Recyclers.

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