Lead Items For Scrap Metal Recycling

Looking to earn some extra cash? Lead scrap metal recycling may be an option for you. Many of us have common lead items sitting around and collecting dust, all while you could be recycling them for quick cash with Action Metal Recyclers! So what kind of items contain lead and can be recycled with us? How much are your lead items worth? Where can you go to recycle them? We will be answering these questions for you in our latest blog article on lead scrap metal recycling.

What Kind Of Lead Items Can You Recycle?

Lead is a common metal and is found in a number of different objects you most likely interact with every single day. As a result, there are many different lead items you can recycle. These include:

  • Lead mixed (clean lead solids free of other materials or impurities
  • Lead wheel weights (such as automotive wheel rims)
  • Lead batteries (automotive or marine batteries)

How Much Is My Lead Worth?

The worth of your lead is first determined by the type of lead that it is. Soft lead scrap is the most valuable as it is free of any impurity and required minimum refinement. Other forms of lead scrap metal materials include lead pipe, sheet, fishing sinkers and lead weights. Ultimately, the worth of your lead scrap metal will be determined by its quality and its current price on the International Metal Exchange. Visit our website if you would like to get a free quote on the worth of your lead scrap metal.

Where Can I Recycle My Lead Items For Cash?

The best place for you to recycle your unwanted lead scrap metal items is with Action Metal Recyclers. Why? There is no better team you can trust for fair prices and friendly service. Plus, we have locations all across Queensland where you can pop in for a free quote on the worth of your lead items or to recycle them for cash on the spot. You can find Action Metal Recyclers locations in the following areas:

  • Oxley
  • Coopers Plains
  • Kingston
  • Toowoomba
  • Burleigh Heads
  • Banyo
  • Gladstone
  • Townsville
  • Warwick
  • Sunshine Coast

Click here if you would like to browse the addresses and contact details for any of the locations above.

Recycle Your Unwanted Lead With Action Metal Recyclers

The friendly team at Action Metal Recyclers is here to help provide you with a quote for your unwanted lead items and pay you cash on the spot for its worth. Learn more about our lead scrap metal recycling service on our website here. You can also click here to get started with a free quote from our experienced scrap metal recycling team.

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