What You Should Know About Recycling Brass

Brass is one of the most commonly recycled metals in the world. There are two primary reasons for this. Firstly, brass is commonly used in many items and can be found in virtually every house in Australia. Secondly, recycling brass can earn you good amounts of money when recycling it with Action Metal Recyclers. Are you considering recycling brass items at one of our scrap metal recycling sites? Here are a few things you should know about recycling brass scrap metal items.

Brass Scrap Prices Change Regularly

That’s right, brass scrap metal prices do change quite regularly. To get the best value it is always recommended to get it valued with our team and recycling it as quickly as possible to avoid price changes. You don’t prolong brass scrap metal recycling if you don’t have to. Brass scrap prices largely depend on the quality of your brass scrap and the prices of copper and zinc on the International Metal Exchange. Click here to request a quote on the worth of your brass scrap with the experts at Action Metal Recyclers.

There Are Many Types of Brass Items to Recycle

At Action Metal Recyclers we accept a range of different types of brass for recycling. These include mixed brass (plumbers brass or honey brass), coast brass, gunmetal and brass turnings. Click here to find out more about each type of brass and to browse some of the different brass items you can recycle with Action Metal Recyclers.

We Are the Best Choice For Brass Scrap Recycling

There is no better choice for recycling your brass scrap than the team at Action Metal Recyclers. There are a number of reasons why we are leaders in brass scrap recycling. We have a number of scrap metal recycling sites all across Queensland, making scrap metal recycling easy for you. We also offer the most competitive prices for your brass scrap, giving you the peace of mind that you will always be paid the worth of your brass scrap metal items. You can also choose from cash, cheque and EFT for your payment method. With over 50 years of experience in scrap metal recycling, you can trust the friendly team at Action Metal Recyclers with your brass scrap metal recycling needs.

Contact the Experts at Action Metal Recyclers

Action Metal Recyclers are your local brass scrap metal recycling service providers. Whatever your brass scrap metal recycling needs are, our friendly and experienced team is here to help. Click here to find your nearest Action Metal Recyclers site and how you can get in touch with us today. Recycling your brass scrap for the best price with Action Metal Recyclers.

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