Why Choose Our Scrap Metal Clean Up Team

Cleaning out your warehouse, factory, or farm? At Action Metal Recyclers, we’re here to streamline your scrap metal clean-up process! Let’s take a closer look at our scrap metal clean up service.

Commercial Clean-Ups

Understanding that not everyone can transport their scrap metal to our facilities, we’ve established a dedicated team exclusively for commercial clean-ups. This team is proficient in managing both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, from construction sites to farm clean-ups. We’ve been at the forefront of coordinating numerous scrap metal clean-ups throughout Queensland. And for our commercial and industrial patrons, we also roll out scrap metal bins to facilitate your clean-ups, available in diverse sizes with both drop-off and pick-up services. Our seasoned professionals will also conduct site surveys, offering solutions and guidance on how to maximise profits from your clean-up endeavors.

Our Specialised Clean-Up Projects

Our expertise spans a wide array of clean-up projects, including:

  • Factory Clean-Ups, encompassing the removal of all metal machinery, equipment, and vehicles.
  • Warehouse Clean-Ups, which includes fixtures, storage systems, equipment, and machinery.
  • Farm Clean-Ups, covering machinery, vehicles, tractors, fencing, and sheds.
  • Demolition Clean-Ups, dealing with copper wires, pipes, steel framing, aluminium frames, and other metal recoveries from demolitions.

How It Works

Our experts will first assess your site, post which we’ll strategise the best method for scrap metal removal. We’ll then mobilise the necessary equipment, possibly dismantle machinery, and ensure the scrap is loaded and transported to our transfer station. Once weighed, all that remains is for you to collect your payment.

Why Action Metal Recyclers?

Choosing us translates to a plethora of advantages. We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing, backed by a team that’s both affable and adept. Our expansive footprint across Queensland ensures we’re always within reach. For payment, we offer Cash, Cheque, and EFT. With a legacy spanning over 50 years in scrap metal, we’re a privately-owned Australian entity that you can rely on.

The Importance of Recycling

Recycling plays a pivotal role in resource preservation, energy management, price stabilisation, emission reduction, and fostering economic growth. By aligning with our services, you’re not just ensuring a seamless clean-up but also championing environmental sustainability. Scrap your metal with Action Metal Recyclers.

Our Locations

With multiple locations across Queensland, we’re always accessible. If you’re looking for a reliable scrap metal clean-up service, our team at Action Metal Recyclers is just a call away. Visit our website to find out more about our scrap metal clean up service and get in touch with your closest Action Metal Recyclers team. We are here to help whether you need a scrap metal clean up service, to hire a scrap metal bin or even to scrap your car for quick cash.

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