Stainless Steel Scrap Metal Recycling

Do you have stainless steel you would like to recycle? You can scrap it for cash with Action Metal Recyclers! We are your local stainless steel scrap metal recyclers. With over 50 years of experience, you can always trust Action Metal Recyclers for fair prices and friendly service. In this blog we will be sharing everything you need to know about stainless steel recycling and how you can recycle with us.

Why You Should Recycle Stainless Steel

If you have unwanted stainless steel the best option is to recycle it with Action Metal Recyclers. Not only will this earn you quick cash for something you don’t need, but it will also help to preserve resources, reduce emissions, promote economic development and lower your carbon footprint.

How Much Is Stainless Steel Worth?

The most common forms of stainless steel are 304 and 316. Stainless 304 is comprised of iron, chromium and nickel, while stainless 316 is alloyed also with molybdenum which attracts a higher price. It can be difficult to assess which form of stainless steel you have, so the best option is to drop into one of the Action Metal Recyclers sites for a free accurate quote from our expert scrap buyers.

Common Steel Items You Can Recycle

Stainless steel is a common metal and you can find it in a whole range of items. That means that there are a lot of items you can recycle with us at Action Metal Recyclers! Common stainless steel items that you can recycle include wheel covers, kitchen equipment, hose clamps, piping, stainless hardware, storage tanks, stainless steel turnings and more! You can find a more comprehensive list of stainless steel items that you can recycle with us on our website here.

Where You Can Recycle Stainless Steel

The best place to recycle your stainless steel is at Action Metal Recyclers. We always pay fair and competitive prices for your stainless steel scrap metal. Plus, with locations all across Queensland, you may find that one of our sites is just around the corner! You can find Action Metal Recyclers sites in Oxley, Coopers Plains, Kingston, Toowoomba. Burleigh Heads, Banyo, Gladstone, Townsville, Warwick and the Sunshine Coast. Click here if you would like to find out more information about one of our scrap metal recycling locations.

Recycle Stainless Steel With Action Metal Recyclers

Are you ready to recycle stainless steel with Action Metal Recyclers? Click here to find out everything you need to know. You can also get a free quote on the value of your stainless steel on our website here. Want to enquire further about recycling stainless steel with us or about our scrap metal recycling services? Get in touch with the friendly Action Metal Recyclers via our website by clicking here.

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