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Action Metal Recyclers are your local brass scrap metal recyclers. We have locations all across Queensland ready to offer you fair and competitive pricing for your brass scrap metal. Brass is an incredibly common metal and is most often found in taps, door knobs, locks and even musical instruments. Do you have brass scrap metal you would like to scrap for cash? The Action Metal Recyclers team is here to help. Our team is sharing everything you need to know about brass scrap metal recycling in this latest blog entry on our website.

How Do You Find Out The Worth of Your Brass Scrap Metal

After finding out that you can scrap your brass for cash, you may be wondering how much your brass is worth. The worth of your brass does depend on both the quality of your brass and its current pricing on the International Metal Exchange. The good news is that you don’t need to try and calculate this by yourself. Our friendly team can provide you with a free quote on the value of your brass. Click here to get started and request a quote for your brass scrap metal.

Common Brass Items You Can Recycle

As brass is such a common metal, there are a whole range of items that it is found in. For example, here are a few brass scrap metal items you can recycle with us:

  • Gun metal
  • Brass turnings
  • Coast brass (water meters and taps)
  • Brass mixed (rolled brass, rod brass etc)
  • Plus more!

Want to see a more complete list of the range of items you can recycle with us here at Action Metal Recyclers? Click here to find out more.

Why You Should Recycle Brass Scrap Metal

The first reason why you should recycle brass scrap metal with Action Metal Recyclers is that you can earn quick cash! We pay fair and competitive prices for your brass scrap metal and you may be surprised to find out how much it is worth. Other than earning you quick cash, recycling brass scrap metal is also a great option for the environment, helping to preserve resources and reduce emissions. These are just some of the many great reasons why you should choose to recycle your brass scrap metal with Action Metal Recyclers.

Where You Can Recycle Scrap Metal

At Action Metal Recyclers we have a range of scrap metal recycling sites across Queensland. You can visit any of our sites to recycle your brass scrap metal. Our sites are located in Oxley, Coopers Plains, Kingston, Toowoomba, Burleigh Heads, Banyo, Gladstone, Townsville, Warwick and the Sunshine Coast.

Click here to visit our website and find the contact information and addresses for all of our locations across Queensland.

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