Types of Brass You Can Recycle With Us

Action Metal Recyclers are your local brass scrap metal recycling experts. With sites all across Queensland, there is no better choice for your brass scrap metal recycling needs. We accept many different kinds of brass items, whether it be coast brass, brass mixed, gun metal or brass turnings. In this blog article, the Action Metal Recyclers team will be breaking down all the different types of brass scrap metal you can recycle with us for quick cash!

Brass Mixed

Brass mixed consists of mixed yellow brass solids which include brass castings, rolled brass, rod brass, tubing and other miscellaneous yellow brasses. It also must be free of manganese-bronze, aluminium bronze, radiator parts or unsweated radiators, iron and dirty or corroded materials. You can recycle brass mixed (plumbers brass or honey brass) for competitive prices with the brass recycling experts at Action Metal Recyclers. Click here to find out more about brass mixed and how you can recycle it with us.

Coast Brass

Coast brass consists predominantly of mixed brass and other red brasses with steel of foreign attachments. Common items that are identified as coast brass include water meters or taps with zinc handles. Do you have coast brass you would like to recycle with Action Metal Recyclers? Get a free quote on our website today!

Gun Metal

Gun metal is easily identified by its deeper colour, which is caused by the higher copper content. Gun metal includes valves, red brass scrap, machinery bearings, machinery parts and more. You can find out more about gun metal and how you can recycle gun metal with Action Metal Recyclers on our website here. Our friendly team always offers competitive prices on the worth of your gun metal scrap.

Brass Turnings

Brass turnings are essentially brass shavings that come from any type of brass that is machined or turned. Brass turnings include rod turnings that are free of aluminium, manganese, composition and do not contact more than 3% oil, free iron or other moistures. Do you have brass turnings that you would like to recycle for quick cash with the friendly team at Action Metal Recyclers? Click here to get a free quote for your brass turnings or to get in contact with our team today.

Recycle Brass With Action Metal Recyclers

Do you have brass you would like to recycle with Action Metal Recyclers? Our team is here to assist you with any of your brass scrap metal recycling needs. Click here to get in contact with our team today through our website. You can also request a free quote on the worth of your brass metal items on our website here. For competitive prices and first-class customer service, the best choice is always Action Metal Recyclers.

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